COMPAS - UI Tax Audit

COMPAS™ – UI Tax Audit

MTW’s COMPAS product is the only Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Audit software application designed specifically to complete and manage the UI-Tax audit process. That means when your audit team uses COMPAS, they will use tools specifically designed to perform high quality audits that pass USDOL Tax Performance System (TPS) Quality Reviews. It also means that your audit team will be using a mature and proven solution that manages and tracks the entire UI-tax audit process and can be leveraged to complete non-audit investigations as well.

COMPAS is a configurable off-the-shelf Windows® Desktop application built on the .NET framework using a SQL Server database as a central repository. MTW can easily configure COMPAS to meet specific needs of your state agency. As illustrated below, COMPAS has a tab-based user interface that provides step-by-step guidance for novice users or allows advanced users to move through the audit as they choose. Integrated help, reflecting the configuration for each customer, delivers instructions for completing each tab.

COMPAS Screen shot Main Menu

Since 2011, the labor/employment agency in four states have made the decision to use COMPAS to further automate and improve their UI-Tax audit processes. See how COMPAS can improve your audit processes with these Features and Benefits:


  • Audit Library – move and manage audit or investigations with check-in and check-out process
  • Work connected or disconnected from the Agency Network
  • Pre-audit and Post-audit tools for documenting TPS and agency required actions
  • Worksheet format with auto-calculations and carry forward data-entry
  • Data encryption ensures maximum security and protection for data on the user’s computer
  • Multiple management reports easily accessible including generated ETA-581 data
  • Worksheet data Import and Export capability
  • Correspondence Generation with merged data
  • Built-in Audit Tools: Add Comments/Notes, check TPS edits and maintain a Task List
  • Time Entry Log to document time spent on the audit/assignment
  • Flexible application to use for alternative audit staff assignments such as investigations and also non-audit staff assignments to document employer Wage Adjustments
  • All supporting materials, attachments stored with the audit
  • Optional Employer / Assignment Selection function available (used by Maryland and South Carolina currently)


  • Save time for auditors, reviewers, and supervisors - Integrated worksheets - Central database stores audit, employer documents, and correspondence and enables automated approval workflow - Tab-based navigation
  • Real–time error checking – visibly tracks and displays Quality Edits and Entry Edits to resolve
  • Easily integrates with legacy or modernized implementations of UI Tax Systems
  • Settings Management feature that allows agency administrative user to manage a number of settings resulting in less dependency on the MTW Support Team
  • Ongoing enhancement, maintenance and support provided by MTW that allows all customer agencies to benefit from each other’s ideas and issue resolutions.
  • Certified compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8

How It All Began

Starting in 2009, MTW created COMPAS from the ground up by collaborating with two Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax audit professionals to develop a software product specifically designed for the UI tax compliance audit process. The driving focus of this internal development project was to create a state-of-the-art software tool to help UI Tax auditors consistently perform quality audits that pass USDOL Tax Performance System (TPS) Quality Reviews. MTW developers worked closely with our UI Tax audit experts for more than a year to create a system that is user-friendly, saves time, and improves the consistency of the audit process for experienced and novice auditors alike.

COMPAS enables state UI Tax audit staff to be more effective and efficient throughout the entire audit process. Auditors receive continuous feedback on their progress toward completing the steps that are required to ensure that they meet USDOL TPS and best practice standards for quality audits.

Implementation and Product Releases

In March of 2011, the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development awarded MTW a contract via a competitive bid process to implement COMPAS. MTW completed this first implementation in just five months. The project included customizations and integration with their legacy UI Tax system. This is a true testament to the out-of-the box functionality available in COMPAS.

In 2013, the Maryland Department of Labor and Regulations selected COMPAS to replace their legacy UI Tax Audit program. With this implementation, we took the opportunity to further expand COMPAS’ functionality to include more spreadsheet like tables and expanded the interface to be functional and easily accessible for not only auditors, but for Audit Reviewers, Supervisors. MTW released COMPAS 4.0 in September of 2013. Also in 2013, a large UI system integrator and the Nevada Department of Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) selected COMPAS in be included as part of their UI Modernization project. DETR selected our team to deliver a comprehensive system that would integrate with multiple NV systems.

Continuing the expansion of COMPAS, MTW responded to a South Carolina competitive bid and was selected to implement COMPAS for the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) in 2014. The SCDEW team was using COMPAS with configuration in just 3 months! Assignment approval integration with their Tax System followed several weeks later.

In July 2016, MTW was awarded a contract with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to implement COMPAS. Full implementation is targeted for October 2016. MTW initiated another project to implement COMPAS for the Delaware Department of Labor in August 2016. Delaware DOL purchased COMPAS via the Western States Contracting Alliance, Software Value-Added Reseller (Administered by the State of Arizona).

You and your UI Tax team can quickly reap all the benefits our customers have by taking the next step to arrange a demonstration of COMPAS and learn how COMPAS can improve your UI Tax audit operations.

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