About Us

MTW Solutions is a software company dedicated to providing specialized products and services to state government agencies in the United States. Our products, GMS and COMPAS™, are configurable to meet state-specific business needs, but boast the advantages of a commercial off-the-shelf system (COTS): lower risk proven solutions, shared best practices, and overall cost-saving measures.

The Beginning of MTW Solutions

In 2005, when Randy Arnold and Dan Carier launched MTW Solutions, four state agencies were using our Grant Management System to manage billions of dollars of federal and state grant funds.

MTW Solutions had just emerged from TIG/MTW and MTW Corporation as a new, privately held company armed with an excellent team of information technology professionals with decades of experience developing and delivering software solutions for state government agencies.

This experience, coupled with our software’s robust capabilities, quickly built us a reputation as specialists in equipping government agencies with the tools to rapidly deploy and effectively manage grants electronically. In fact, within months of our 2005 start-up, the Montana Office of Public Instruction selected MTW Solutions to implement our full GMS product.

Since then, we have continued to expand our state customer base, further developed our Grant Management System with new tools and functionality, and expanded our MTW team in both our Kansas and Missouri offices. Today, our expertise in working with state education agencies to manage the complexities of their grant programs is second to none and is demonstrated by our continuous long-term relationships with our clients.

The Development of COMPAS™

In early 2009, we merged our software development model with the expertise of Unemployment Insurance Tax Audit professionals. The result of an 18-month development process was COMPAS: a commercial, off-the-shelf software solution for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax Compliance Audit process.

Almost immediately, MTW implemented COMPAS V2.0 for the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development — further solidifying our ability to respond and deliver software products to state government agencies. COMPAS is now used in more than 10 state government agencies and has been expanded to include Wage Adjustment investigations and Assignment No Wage Detail assignments. In 2016 and 2017, MTW developed COMPAS-BAM, which is based on the COMPAS framework, but is used to complete Benefit Accuracy Measurement investigations.

Our Commitment to Delivering Customer-Centric Solutions

Central to our product success is our commitment to understand our customer’s needs and business concerns. To be the responsive, knowledgeable partners that our customers expect, we stay abreast of current government issues. For example, we:

  • Attend conferences more often as participants than as vendors,
  • Subscribe to government publications and news services so we can proactively respond to changes in government regulations and guidelines,
  • Identify the software solution to a regulation change before our customers contact us with the update
  • Conduct annual user group meetings for our GMS product. These interactive forums provide our customers with the opportunities to network with peer users, and to contribute to the direction of product development initiatives.

MTW is committed to staying current with technology. Since 2008, we have maintained Microsoft® Gold Partner status. This designation certifies that MTW Solutions demonstrates a level of technical expertise and the proven ability to deliver solutions built using Microsoft products.

The strength of MTW’s COTS products and services and the talents of our employees are continually validated by the 100% success and retention rate of our state government contracts. This is not just an achievement – it illustrates perfectly how we do business.