Grant Management System

MTW’s Grant Management System (GMS) provides complete support of the grant management process by integrating data throughout all workflow phases including allocation of funds, application, budgeting, review and approval, payments, reporting and closeout. Our GMS suite of tools provides grant administrators with powerful tools to rapidly design, deploy and manage any grant program whether it is a formula, competitive or discretionary grant application.

The MTW GMS is a comprehensive, integrated web-based system that includes a set of Tools to manage the end-to-end grant management process.

Grant Management System Product Flow

The Core Tools of GMS

Grant Design Tools

Using our Grant Design Tools, Grant Administrators initiate the grant management process by designing forms (web pages) that are published as online grant applications. With the Grant Design Tools, Grant Administrators can re-use and modify existing grant applications or can design a complete grant application from start to finish. Regardless of the approach, Grant Administrators can use numerous Grant Design Tool features to define how data is collected and how individual elements on a page, or group of pages function. The entire design process is fast and efficient, and grants can be quickly brought online with minimal assistance from technical staff.

Allocation Management Tool

The GMS solution’s Allocation Management Tool supports the documentation and control of applicant grant award amounts. This includes proper apportioning of grant awards to applicants for grant programs that use a formula-driven allocation process. The data managed within this tool is used to control the budgeting and payment processes. It provides the ability to monitor and control the transfer of funds from one allocation/program to another or between applicants in a consortium-style agreement. The Allocation Tool also allows the transfer of funds across fiscal years when carryover provisions exist within a grant program.

Online Application and Budget Submission

Access to the GMS for Online Application and Budget Submission is available to grantees anytime via web browsers using secure user ID and password access. All GMS users can save work in progress and come back later to complete and submit the application. The GMS guides the grantee through the process of completing the application by pre-populating fields where possible and intuitively displaying only sections of the application that require grantee completion. The GMS also provides the ability to upload documents, spell check entered content and easily access Online Help anytime throughout the application process. These features result in less data entry, fewer errors, and overall higher quality submitted applications; thus, allowing application reviewers to focus on the programmatic content instead of checking for math errors or application completeness.

Workflow Administration Tool

The robust, customizable Workflow Administration Tool routes applications through the submission/approval and optional scoring processes, and allows grant applications to be returned to the grantee for changes and/or corrections when required. The MTW GMS Workflow Tool does not have predefined routes or route stops established. Instead, each distinct application can be setup with as few or as many parallel or serial steps as required. Workflow Administration also allows grantees to receive notifications (via email) about the status of the application throughout the review process.

MTW Security System

Supporting the complete grant management process is the MTW Security System. The MTW Security System is a Web-based tool that allows for the entry and maintenance of system user data and maintenance of security access to specific functions and components within GMS for a given user or group of users. The Security System integrates with the Workflow Administration feature to provide flexibility in the assignment of reviewers to their tasks.

Payments Administration Tool

The Payments Administration Tool also enables Grant Administrators and Fiscal/Business Managers to setup and monitor scheduled payments, reimbursements, or a combination of the two processes, and manage the interface between the GMS and a state or agency disbursement system. Agency staff can access system reports with common reporting software or use the GMS Data Warehouse to build ad-hoc reports for grant application or payments data.

GMS’s Strong Adaptable Architecture

The GMS by MTW manages some of the most complex grant management processes in state government agencies. Originally designed for state education agencies, its flexible, scalable, service-oriented architecture makes it the right choice to manage any type of federal, state or local grant.
We use industry standard technologies including XML and Web Services to facilitate the distribution of system functionality across data, application and Web tiers. This provides rapid, precise integration capabilities with other agency systems, such as single sign-on portals and state disbursement systems. You’ll find a flexible and powerful grant management system with MTW. Request a demo today!

Timeline of MTW’s GMS COTS Implementations

Illinois State Board of Education
Nebraska Department of Education
New Jersey Department of Education

Louisiana Department of Education

Montana Office of Public Instruction

Wyoming Department of Education

Oklahoma State Department of Education

Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
Washington D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education

South Dakota Department of Education

Vermont Agency of Education

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