Introducing COMPAS™ – UI BAM

MTW’s COMPAS ™ continues to support another critical area of Unemployment Insurance (UI) Integrity. COMPAS for UI Benefit Accuracy Measurement (BAM) investigations.

After receiving an inquiry from a current UI Tax Audit client about leveraging COMPAS to conduct BAM assignments, MTW’s COMPAS team completed an analysis of COMPAS and determined that by creating a new ‘assignment type’ within the existing COMPAS functionality; we could build on to our already proven COMPAS framework for assignment management and design of a second audit tool. The result is COMPASBAM. MTW’s first implementation of COMPAS-BAM was implemented in Alaska in March 2018.

COMPASBAM is user-friendly, saves time, and improves the consistency of the audit process for staff, reviewers, management and BAM program reviews. Utilizing the ‘rec1.dat’ file that is already being created by a state UI system, weekly BAM assignments are created in COMPASBAM. Each assignment receives as much ‘Before’ data from the UI Claim as an agency is able to provide.

As illustrated below, COMPASBAM has a tab-based user interface that helps provide guidance for moving through the audit. The four ‘Claim Types’: Paid Claim Accuracy (PCA), Denied Claims Accuracy (DCA) – Separation, Non-Separation and Non-Monetary, determine the ‘Type’ specific information required.

All BAM assignments include detailed worksheets customized for:

  • Claimant and Claim Information
    • A fully integrated Claimant Questionnaire (baselined on the Federal Questionnaire and configurable to allow for state specific questions)
  • Employer Details (including Base Period Wage Details and Alternate Base Period quarter wages)
  • Assignment Results including a Data Collection Instrument (DCI) worksheet prefilled with assignment data as it has been completed)
  • Assignment Review
  • Many of the worksheets are customized for differences between the four BAM investigation types – Paid Claim, Denied Claim-Monetary, Denied Claim-Separation issue and Denied Claim-Non-Separation issue.


  • Continuous and automatic edit checking to alert the auditor about uncompleted tasks to ensure accuracy and completeness of the assignment, including DCI Coding
  • Worksheet level comments/notations can automatically be incorporated into the final summary report
  • Ability to import data from employer provided financial worksheets to document Base Period and Interim Wage Details
  • Assignment configurable workflow supports auditor and review/approval roles complete with email notifications
  • Add and manage attachments such as images and other supporting documentation to an assignment
  • Correspondence and Form template capability allows the generation of letters and forms using a defined document template and data ‘merged’ from the assignment itself
    • Employer correspondence and form templates can be generated for any employer that is included in the assignment


  • Time savings – the assignment repository simplifies the management of the investigation details and the many supporting artifacts that need to be collected and retained. It also provides archival retention of the completed assignments and artifacts.
  • Assignments are ‘checked out’ of the repository allowing an auditor to electronically document assignment details even when not connected
  • Data encryption for maximum security and protection (Federal AES standard)
  • Configurable for user authentication through Active Directory
  • System Administration is extended to authorized users to control settings, manage correspondence and form templates, and manage user roles and access

Download our brochure to share with your team: COMPAS Brochure.pdf

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